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The Future of the Former Kerr-McGee Site in Columbus Starts Now


Next Steps Preparing for a Better Tomorrow at the Former Kerr-McGee Site

The Multistate Trust is managing the cleanup of the former Kerr-McGee Site in Columbus, Mississippi, as well as working to prepare the Site for future reuse.

The Multistate Trust is committed to integrating redevelopment planning with cleanup of the contamination left by the former wood-treating operation.


Redevelopment Planning Initiative:
Next Steps in Community Outreach

Ongoing Activities and Next Steps

We are dedicated to ensuring that our Redevelopment Planning Initiative produces a conceptual plan for reuse of the former Kerr-McGee Site that:

  • protects people and the environment

  • is economically achievable, and

  • reflects the community’s goals and vision

Our team is working to provide the public with numerous opportunities to have a say in the Redevelopment Planning Initiative, including the following ways:


Let Your Voice Be Heard: Community Survey (Ongoing)

Your responses to the Community Survey will help us understand what our neighbors prefer to see in potential reuse plans for the Site. This short survey will provide the planning team with valuable insight into the vision of nearby residents. All survey responses are anonymous.


Neighborhood Listening Sessions – EARLY 2019 (Dates to Be Announced)

Community members are encouraged to share their ideas for the future reuse of the Site by participating in any of the small, informal gatherings to be held in Fall 2018. The goal of these listening sessions is to encourage broad participation by our neighbors in redevelopment planning. The sessions will be held at the Kerr-McGee Community Center on 21st Street North.


Open House Event – early 2019 (Date to Be Announced)

Residents will be invited to attend our Open House Workshop at the Kerr-McGee Community Center on 21st Street North. As part of our planning week activities in the community, the Open House event will provide another opportunity for the public to participate in the design and planning process.


Implementation Recommendations (Fall to Winter 2018)

The redevelopment planning team will produce a variety of redevelopment concepts and implementation guidelines based in part on public input provided through the community survey and during listening sessions and the open house.


Community Resources

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Tools To Help You Stay Informed and Involved

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